How to Purchas Art

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You can purchase Art displayed in our Gallery by either contacting us directly, or by using our website and purchasing online.

If at any point, you find difficulty purchasing an artwork, please don't hasitate to contact us and we will help you with you purchase.

Purchasing Art Online

Most Artworks can be purchased by searching our website. once you have selected a specific artowrk to purchase, simple click on the "buy this artwork" option to be directed to the artwork purchase page. You can only purchase one item at a time and each item is payed for seperatly. If you would like to buy more then on artwork, contact us directly. 

Artwork Locaiton

Our Gallery is based in Malta and most of our Artworks are delivered from our Island. We may also have international Artists hosting art at our Gallery, in these cases an artwork may be delivered from other locations. Unless indicated, artworks will be charged delivery fees according to destination as indicated below.

Deliveries in Malta

Deliveries within Malta are done free of charge and we will personally hand deliver any artwork to your door. After purchasing artwork using our website (or by contacting us),we will get into contact with you and discuss the best time for us to deliver the artwork at a locaiton specified by you.

International Deliveries

Deliveries within the EU are charged at €50 flat rate for postal delivery and we also delivery all over the world using standard post at €150. If you would like to have your artwork delivered trough a specific postal service, please contact us and we will make arrangements where possible.

VAT and other Taxes

For Artworks sold within Malta and the European Union, we charge 5% VAT. This Tax is omitted on purchases done outside the EU.

Payment Method

Our Gallery's online shop uses a PayPal portal that accepts major credit cards to process payments, however if you require other methods of payment, please contact us.

Heavy or Fragile Artworks

Purchasing of Sculptures, Glass and Ceramics cannot be done using our online portal. These artworks required special packaging and extra costs due to their fragility. Please contact us directly and we can arrange for delivery of such items.

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