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Fabio Borg

"Art is a journey and each painting I do, it brings me closer to the destination"

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1999SnapShotsThe Mill, BirkirkaraSolo
2004Emotions and PassionNational Museum Of Fine Arts, VallettaSolo
2005 ExtractsBanca Giuratale Victoria GozoSolo
2008The Man and the CriticGallery Last Touch, MostaCollective
2007SekwenzaThe Notte Bianca at MCC -VallettaCollective
20072nd Arts Directory ExhibitionMalta Society of Arts, VallettaCollective
2007Rotta ta' l-ArtiMdinaCollective
2007Glorious Gozo: Artists of Our TimesThe Hilton, PortomasoCollective
2007UnitaMarsascala Annual Art ExhibitionCollective
2007ArtClub 2000 Art ExhitionSolana Hotel and Mdina Local CouncilCollective
2007Sixth Biennale of Contemporary Christian ArtCathedral Museum, MdinaCollective
2006 Rotta ta'l-ArtiMdinaCollective
2006 In VinculusBirzebbugia Annual Art ExhibitionCollective
2006 UnitaMarsascala Annual Art ExhibitionCollective
2006 Arts Directory ExhibitionPheonix BuildingsCollective
2006The Joy of Easterhe Hilton, PortomasoCollective
2005Revelationsr-razzett l-Antik - QormiCollective
2005The EucharistThe Seminary Tal-Virtu' Rabat Collective
2004RevelationsCastille Wine Vaults, VallettaCollective
2004 OperartManuel Theatre, VallettaCollective
2003 Collective ExhibitionIr-razzett l-Antik - QormiCollective
1999Antique FairTrade Fair Grounds, NaxxarCollective
1999Malta Society of Arts, Manufacturer & CommerceTrade Fair Grounds, NaxxarCollective

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